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Body Ecology -Therapeutic Massage & Yoga by Sam Sadin, CMT, RYT
'Be at home in your own body'

Many of my clients have spent many dollars and hours going through the run-around of traditional doctors' appointments and physical therapists' visits with little improvement of thier symptoms.  After a couple sessions with me, they have often experienced noticable relief from thier original complaint and noticed an improvement in thier general wellbeing.


“Sam Sadin provides an unusual combination of strength and sensitivity in his massages, which are some of the most skillful and therapeutic that I have ever received.”

--Dean Ornish, M.D.
Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco

"The ultimate massage therapy experience.  Sam has mastered his art - a perfect blend of professionalism, poise, and incredible massage therapy talentry for the body and soul.  One massage and you'll be hooked!"

--John A., Client since 2005

"I am a major Sam Fan.  I see him weekly for a deep massage on an aging body that is, as a result, reasonably flexible and pain free.  Most extraordinary was Sam's work speeding up and making possible my full recovery to 100% use after major shoulder surgery - it was masterful."
--Len W

 "I've been getting massages for years, but that was one of the very best ones ever!"

--Countless Clients

 "The Healing Touch is given through those blessed by Providence and those who devote changing lives from a 'mere existence' to truly living.  Sam Sadin is blessed with this Healing Touch.  Those who receive this "gift" lent to him are truly blessed and made whole."
--Reverend Dr. Lloyd George Tupper

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