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Body Ecology -Therapeutic Massage & Yoga by Sam Sadin, CMT, RYT
'Be at home in your own body'


 Hello, I'm Sam Sadin, CMT, RYT, and I have spent the last 13 years helping hundreds of clients feel more at home in their own bodies.  I work with health-conscious people who have acute or chronic PAIN.  I help them HEAL, and empower them to take the best care of themselves so they can enjoy the highest degree of health in their lives.

I specialize in helping alleviate acute and chronic pain, increasing athletic performance, or just providing a deeply relaxing, yet therapeutic massage. 

It is my belief that a "Good Massage" should feel really good AND work to release deeply held tension in the body.  That's why it is my goal to work within your comfort zone to effectively address your problem areas.  

I have helped clients with a variety of issues and they have experienced the following benefits:

• relief from low back pain, sciatica, carple tunnel syndrome, TMJ, and other tendonitises

• increased range of motion and flexibility

• faster postsurgical or injury recovery time

• improved athletic performance

• better night's sleep

• more energy throughout the day

• less headaches and neck/shoulder tension

• relief from pregnancy-related discomfort

• greater blood and lymph circulation

• improved posture and biomechanics

• help with anxiety and depression

• greater sense of wellbeing and joy

• a nourishing revival of the body, mind, and spirit

• preventative maintenance of the body

If you have been looking for that perfect massage therapist who listens to your needs and wants, and who will thoughtfully design the ideal massage for you, look no further. 

Please give me a call today and allow me the honor of serving you the best that I can!

                                         -- Sam Sadin, C.M.T.

P.S.  Here's what my Sausalito massage studio looks like.

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