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Body Ecology -Therapeutic Massage & Yoga by Sam Sadin, CMT, RYT
'Be at home in your own body'
Services and Rates


All Massage and Yoga Sessions are $65 per half hour:  $130/ hour, $195/ hour and a half, etc.

Gratuities are always appreciated, yet never expected. 

Outcalls are an additional $80.


$150 - 90 Minute Introductory Session- Save $45 OFF the regular rate

$10 OFF a package of 5 or more sessions

$20 OFF a 2 Hour Combo Yoga/Massage Session ($240)

Now offering Transformative Sound Healing Sessions on a Vibrational Sound Table! 


$30 / 15 minutes

$60 / 30 minutes


Private and Group Yoga Instruction

   As a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT - 200) through Yoga Garden SF's highly respected teacher training program, I will lead you through a flowing series of alignment based Hatha Yoga.  I will personalize and create a yoga sequence to meet your body's needs and address any past or current injuries, as well as specific postural issues.  I'll also focus on the foundations of a yoga practice:  basic asana (pose) cues, pranayama (breathwork), and some philosophy as it relates to living more in balance and harmony with life.   If I'm also working with you for massage therapy services (which is probably the case), then I'll have the added knowledge of your body's tight areas, and hope to combine the therapeutic effects of our yoga practice with the benefits of massage!

Deep Tissue

   I believe good quality therapeutic bodywork should still feel good while being productive at the same time.  The essential elements of a Deep Tissue Massage are a slow, steady, and deep pressure, which is sensitively applied with various body tools, (fists, forearms, elbows, knees).  Trigger points (tight sore spots that may refer pain/weakness to another body area) may be held while the client breathes deeply.  Coconut oil is used conservatively to give just the right amount of glide over the skin without too much slipping over the surface.  Tight muscles are firmly convinced to relax, let go, and gain more length. 

Myofascial Release

  Aims to release tightness, adhesions, and scar tissue from the fascial system, which is the various compartmental layers of connective tissue (i.e. individual muscle, ligament, tendon, or bone fibers, compartments of muscles, whole muscle groups, or an entire myofascial line).  Myofascial restrictions from trauma, injury, surgery, poor posture, overuse, and stress may have a ripple effect on the body and do not just vanish on their own.  Through a slow and patient pace, using very little to no oil, restrictions in the fascia are unwound, often with the active engagement of the client while tight muscles are held or twisted.

Sports/Injury Massage

  This integrates various techniques with the goal of increasing athletic performance and dealing effectively with any injuries.  More time will be spent focusing on an injured area, and recommendations of appropriate stretches and exercises that will speed recovery will be shared.  You will have some potentially helpful homework to do on your own to address your injury.  For areas of pain or inflammation, ICE packs are available, as well as a great homeopathic herbal pain relief cream called Topricin (see links).

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

  Going back thousands of years, this form of massage works to balance the body's energy system (inspired from the Chinese energy meridians), by combining compression of acupressure points while performing yoga asana stretches.  The dynamic flow of client and practitioner in Thai Massage is a creative dance, full of opening stretches, energy line compressions, and a lengthening of tight muscles.  This style of massage is done on a mat on the floor with the client fully clothed, just like they do in Thailand (except here you aren't accompanied by 10 other people in the same room and I speak good English)

Barefoot Deeperwork

  Also practiced on the floor on a mat, the ultimate tool of the massage therapist is employed for the majority of this session: the FOOT!  It is designed for extended weight bearing (the apes evolved into us bipedal humans) and it is used with precision and sensitivity to deliver long, deep, and releasing compressions to the body's major muscle groups.  Because it is easier on the therapist (ME!), I can deliver more pressure for longer without strain, thereby making treatments more effective.  Barefoot work feels absolutely amazing (it really 'feels' much better than it sounds due to the broad surface of the foot and its solid grounded weight) and is ideal for larger, thicker, denser, and tighter clients, but is appropriate for anyone.  Athletes, pain sufferers, or anyone getting over an injury can greatly be helped by this very effective form of massage.  Here are some of the wonderful benefits:

  • Hypertonic muscles soften and lengthen.
  • Muscles are cleansed.
  • Muscles receive more nutrients.
  • Nerves fire faster.
  • Muscle lesions heal faster.
  • Stretching the muscle fibers increases circulation.
  • Range of motion is increased.
  • Trigger points are eliminated


  Loving, long, flowing, firm strokes glide over the body, flushing stagnant chi and lymph, reinvigorating, and relaxing the body, mind, and spirit.  Organic Raw Coconut Oil is warmed and used for its supreme nutritious and nourishing benefits (see links).  Swedish massage strokes are often integrated as a 'feel good integrating' connection when moving between body parts or to mix it up from very specific work. 

Pregnancy Massage

  Specifically for Moms-to-be, this massage can help relieve pregnancy-related complaints such as sore back, leg cramps, sleeplessness, compacted ribs, and general stress/anxiety.  This massage does NOT involve laying face down on the belly (the only appropriate safe positions are side lying and face up).  As a father, I truly honor and respect the amazing journey of Pregnancy and absolutely love sharing this exciting time with you and contributing to a healthy, happy birth.

Neuromuscular Reprogramming

  NMR bridges the gap between physical therapy, massage therapy, and long-term healing of old/new injuries, past trauma, or poor posture.  It involves a detective-like approach using muscle testing to discover where specific relationships of compensation and inhibition are.  It can be quite complex and even a bit mysterious, but basically is a helpful tool to identify and correct out-of-balance muscles in the body.  NMR actually can rewire our central nervous system by strengthening 'weak' or inhibited muscles (in sessions and with homework exercises) directly following releasing their overworking, or 'compensating' partner-in-crime muscles.

Transformational Breathwork

  Life starts with our breath, yet most of us aren't even aware of what a 'FULL' breath really feels like, or do not practice good breathing regularly.  This phenomenon is what many health experts believe to be the root of all disease.  Through hands-on breath coaching and myofascial release work under the ribs and on the Diaphram (our main breathing muscle), a greater sense or our breath is gained.  More confident diaphragmatic breathing is more efficient, eases stress off our often overworked neck muscles, and provides more Oxygen to our whole body.

Postural Analysis and Self Care Help

  Thru basic assessment techniques such as observation and palpation, a recommendation is made on how to improve one's posture by following certain self-care routines.  As an educator, I enjoy sharing my knowledge with clients as to how they can feel better and live healthier happier lives.

Massage$130 / 60 minutes
Sound Therapy$30 / 15 minutes
Yoga$120 / 60 minutes
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